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 A story of obsession, revenge and justice. Blazing Obsession is out now.

blazing obsession dai henley

                                                                     My dad was the easiest going man I’ve ever met – except when he

                                                                     encountered anything that struck him as unfair. He’d fly into a rage if

                                                                     a criminal got a lenient sentence for a heinous crime, for example.


                                                                     Our bookcase heaved with every Agatha Christie novel she wrote – my

                                                                     mum read every one.


                                                                     So when I started writing, it was inevitable that someday, I’d write a

                                                                     crime novel about revenge and justice.


                                                                     But the usual problems of family life, my passions for sport and                                                                      

                                                                     business got in the way.


                                                                     As soon as I retired from active sports and sold my businesses six

                                                                     years ago, I joined a class based on writing an autobiography.


In 2010, I published B Positive! Not only is this my blood group, it was something my parents instilled in me

as my mantra. If anybody wants to know me intimately, read it!


I received wonderful reviews and even got a letter from my English Lit grammar school teacher of over fifty

years ago, complimenting me and expressing his satisfaction that at least some of his teaching had stuck! Suitably encouraged, I attended other seminars and courses and refined my writing technique.


Blazing Obsession is the result.


I hope it strikes a chord with anyone who felt like my father. One reviewer suggests that there’s so much unfairness in the world and usually so little we can do about it.  Blazing Obsession tells the story of someone who is obsessed with righting a wrong, posing the question for the reader: is revenge ever justified?

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