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 A story of obsession, revenge and justice. Blazing Obsession is out now.

How would you react if your wife, stepson and baby daughter were murdered in an

arson attack and the arsonist was tried and acquitted on a technicality? How would

you feel if DNA evidence proved the arsonist’s guilt, but the 800-year-old laws of

double jeopardy meant that he couldn’t be retried?


This is a story of obsession, revenge and justice. James Hamilton meets and falls in love with Lynne Burrows, whose ex-husband Nick is a violent, drug-dealing control freak who will not accept that their marriage is over and continually harasses her, and questions their eight-year-old son Georgie constantly about Lynne’s relationships. After Lynne falls pregnant again with James’ child, Nick abducts Georgie and flees to Florida. James and Lynne trick him into returning voluntarily and Nick is arrested on landing at Gatwick. He’s charged and sentenced to seven years.


James and Lynne marry and live a life of bliss for two years, until there is an arson attack on James’ holiday cottage. Four months later, the police charge a small-time criminal and drug dealer. Despite overwhelming evidence, he’s acquitted and never reveals who is behind the arson attack. The obvious candidate is Nick, but he’s still incarcerated and the police can find no evidence linking him to the crime. Sickened by the judge’s decision, James becomes obsessed with getting justice for his family when he discovers that Lynne has been concealing secrets about her past. Together with a private eye and Lynne’s best friend, he plans the perfect retribution against the perpetrators...


Blazing Obsession shows how powerful the emotions of revenge and obsession are, and how they can result in fatal consequences. The novel, which combines police procedural, legal drama and amateur sleuth genres, will appeal primarily to crime fans.


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Blazing Obsession

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This is not a celebrity memoir. Nor is it a tear-jerking depressing journal - quite the opposite! This is the story of one man's persistence to succeed. Growing up in an impoverished mining community in Wales at the end of WWII, Dai Henley faced life's challenges head on. Determined and voracious in character, his parents also believed his blood type - B_Positive - was a instruction for a successful life.


His story encompasses the changes, often dramatic, in the social, technological and economic fortunes of the country over the following sixty years. Despite these and other personal setbacks, his resolve and spirit led him to become an entrepreneurial businessman at the top of his game. Also possessing a life-long passion for a multitude of sports, he relished any challenges that faced him, whether on the playing field or at home.

B Positive!

b positive! a memoir by daid henley

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