D A I    H E N L E Y

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 A story of obsession, revenge and justice. Blazing Obsession is out now.



'This is a book with a big plot. By the time I was halfway through I'd read a story which would have been the whole of many another book - and been none the worse for that - but that's when Blazing Obsession really gets into its stride. Early in the book I thought I could see exactly where the plot was going but I only guessed a very small part of it and there were more twists than on an extra-large corkscrew. I finally stopped trying to second guess the plot and sat back and enjoyed the ride.' - The Bookbag. Read the full review here.





"I was suprised how quickly I got into thise book, for a first-time author it is well writter and I read the

whole thing in two days. Inspirational, read it!" - Miss P


"Humourous, sometimes sad, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational tale." - Sherpa


"An enjoyable, uplifting and heartening autobiography written with zest and enthusiasm by someone who still sees the glass half-full." - Romsey Writers Group


"An inspirational business read. It's truly hilarious and unflinchingly honest. Reading it was a pleasure." - Bookbag



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