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B Positive!

A memoir by Dai Henley

This is not a celebrity memoir. Nor is it a tear-jerking depressing journal – quite the opposite! This is the story of one man’s persistence to succeed. Growing up in an impoverished mining community in Wales at the end of WWII, Dai Henley faced life’s challenges head on. Determined and voracious in character, his parents also believed his blood type – B_Positive – was a instruction for a successful life.

His story encompasses the changes, often dramatic, in the social, technological and economic fortunes of the country over the following sixty years. Despite these and other personal setbacks, his resolve and spirit led him to become an entrepreneurial businessman at the top of his game. Also possessing a life-long passion for a multitude of sports, he relished any challenges that faced him, whether on the playing field or at home.


“I was suprised how quickly I got into thise book, for a first-time author it is well writter and I read the whole thing in two days. Inspirational, read it!”

– Miss P

“Humourous, sometimes sad, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational tale.”

– Sherpa

“An enjoyable, uplifting and heartening autobiography written with zest and enthusiasm by someone who still sees the glass half-full.”

– Romsey Writers Group

“An inspirational business read. It’s truly hilarious and unflinchingly honest. Reading it was a pleasure.”

– Bookbag

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