About Dai Henley

My dad was the easiest going man I’ve ever met – except when he encountered anything that struck him as unfair. He’d fly into a rage if a criminal got a lenient sentence for a heinous crime, for example.

Our bookcase heaved with every Agatha Christie novel she wrote – my mum read every one. So when I started writing, it was inevitable that someday, I’d write a crime novel about revenge and justice.

But the usual problems of family life, my passions for sport and business got in the way. As soon as I retired from active sports and sold my businesses, I joined a class based on writing an autobiography.

In 2010, I published B Positive! Not only is this my blood group, it was something my parents instilled in me as my mantra. If anybody wants to know me intimately, read it!

I received wonderful reviews and even got a letter from my English Lit grammar school teacher of over fifty years ago, complimenting me and expressing his satisfaction that at least some of his teaching had stuck! Suitably encouraged, I attended other seminars and courses and refined my writing technique.

Blazing Obsession and Reckless Obession and my latest novel, Endless Obsession is the result.




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